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[Awaiting Pickup][Being Filled][open]Barred Black

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Do not change or alter the forms in anyway - simply fill in your information. Keep this as simple as possible for everyone! 

When posting a request, you need to refer to the standard request form. This helps to ensure that our artists have all of the information that they need and, also, that bits of your requests are not missed. Below you will find the code for the form (simply copy and paste it into your new topic and fill it out) as well as a guided form - one which contains details about the types of information we would like to see you include - and a sample completed form, to give you an indication of what your final form should look like. If you have any questions, please feel free to ask.

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Request Form


Link to place to be used: place to be used https://my.w.tt/glZNXhPSx9 

Link to screencap: (if not publicly viewable) screencap

Text to include on graphic: Barred IS Black

Images to include on graphic: 


 You can find another pink haired guy. lOL or clouds!   

Could you edit a strip of the front of his hair black? (faceclaims, other relevant images)  

Dimensions: 250 x. 250

Additional information: (mood, colour preferences, animation, etc.)saddening like the sixth movie Harry Potter opening! 



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Hi! Is this still needed? :) 

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Hi! I can take this.  I have a few questions though, is there a particular look you want for the model? I can always use a model with blonde hair and make it pink with the one black streak if you’d like?  And as for the background, do you want only clouds or anything else?

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Well what about hayley Williams. She very well fits my character persona. Then there was Grimmes. Huehuehue. Maybe some red tulips like flowers, I did have it on my kindle but I’m not sure! 


Picture you may use as a background. Mood setting I want it to be dark kind of like the setting of the seventh movie! 



PH Woods,sorry I was thjinking of my character Adolfe, But what i want for Barred is to be cheerfully happy bubblegum¡ 

Edited by Lola.
hi! in the future, please edit your replies rather than double (or triple ) post! thank you - lola

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I hope this is okay:




i'm so sorry for the delay.  i literally had to scrap this a couple of times because things just weren't working out.  i ended up adding in hayley williams as well and since you didn't specify on a model, i picked one out.  i hope this is okay.  the black streak is there, i feel like it became a little faint after the coloring but it is in there at the top on the right side of the model's face.  let me know if you would like any changes!!

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