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[Awaiting Pickup][Being Filled][open]sig req for oc werewolf criminal | fc: matt champion of brockhampton

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Link to place to be used: place to be used
Link to screencap: screencap
Text to include on graphic: his name: bazyli luncă (or just first name or even just his nickname "baz" is fine) + the following lyrics: in the wild kingdom, you don't live 'til you're ready to die
Images to include on graphic: (faceclaims, other relevant images) I apologize preemptively...his fc is relatively obscure and is often found making faces or otherwise in weird positions so he might be hard to find good pics for lol. his fc is Matt Champion of BROCKHAMPTON. I'm not sure if searching for the group and then cutting him out would be more beneficial, but I'm linking some possible images for use anyway XD please use whichever works best for you or which you vibe with, etc.! I trust you as the artist ^_^ ONE, TWO, THREE, FOUR, FIVE, SIX, SEVEN, EIGHT, NINE, TEN, ELEVEN, TWELVE, THIRTEEN, FOURTEEN, FIFTEEN, SIXTEEN, SEVENTEEN (I actually do like this one but it might be cropped funny, here's the ORIGINAL)
Dimensions: 500 x 200
Additional information: (mood, colour preferences, animation, etc.) ok so the char himself...he's a psuedo-cult leader, fraudulent psychic, causer of chaos and mayhem. darker themes would probably do best! a nod to him being a tarot reader and/or werewolfism would be awesome (e.g. full moon, wolf howling, or something, depending on how detailed with this aspect of it, I headcanon that he's a dark grey or black wolf...I'm honestly not picky lol), fire (he's committed arson), blood spatter (...he's also killed people), idk I'm super open! XD animation is cool but seeing as content for him is limited I super understand if/why that's not a possibility.

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Hi! Is this still needed? :) 

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