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[COMPLETED][Awaiting Pickup][open]witchy spooky profile headers+subheaders

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Link to place to be used: hpfanfictalk profile here+

Link to screencap: here+

Text to include on graphic: Main header should say 'crowsb4bros' and then on the subheaders I'd like

  • 'story: rose & co. apothecary'
  • 'story: a spectral affair'
  • 'story: tragedy of the commons'
  • 'story: keeping score'
  • 'awards'
  •  'gifts'

Images to include on graphic: crows (ravens are okay too) maybe some plants? 

Dimensions: 700 X 250 for the main header, 700 X 50 for the subheaders

Additional information: I'd really like a witchy/spookky kind of vibe, but I'm open to anything! :) 

thannnnkk you to anyone considering picking this up! 

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