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[misc] Spotify Shuffle Challenge

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Challenge Issued By: bewitching.
Challenge Title: [misc] Spotify Shuffle Challenge
Image Size: Up to two of the following: 700 x 110 banners, 380 x 300 CIs, 500 x 200 signatures. You can mix and match.
Text: Main text should the title of the song and have a minimum of one song lyric as the small text
Specific Images: Up to artist
Mood: Relevant to the mood of the song
Animation: No
Other Information: I have plenty of songs on my spotify, ranging from pop and rock to Kpop. Just post that you are in and how many songs you want (max of two) and I'll edit your randomly chosen song(s) into the list below. Your challenge is to make a graphic based on the song(s) given to you! If you only choose one song, then you can only make one graphic. The colours and mood should reflect the song(s) you've been given. Have fun!

Please remember your image code!
If you're okay with us posting this on social media (with attribution, of course!), please say so when you post your entry. Thank you!
Challenge Ends: 28th October 2020
Remember to post the image code with your entry within code tags! [*code] [*/code] (remove the asterisks)

[img=image url here]


Song List

persephone - lullaby by Sigala & Paloma Faith | In the frozen by Dreamcatcher

JadedWraith - Here with Me by Marshmello & chvrches | Midnight Sky by Miley Cyrus

Amortentia1992 - Dance Monkey by Tones and I

wanderedaway - Lovesick Girls by Blackpink

Edited by bewitching.

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2, please!


song 1 - Here with Me by Marshmello & chvrches

song 2 - Midnight Sun by Miley Cyrus





Edited by JadedWraith
editing text on last sig

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