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The Dark Arts

Resources and Tutorial Center Rules

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Resources Arena Rules



  • When posting your resource in the appropriate forum, please make sure to always include the appropriate credit (how do you want people to credit you)
  • After posting your resource, please fill out the form+ so it can be added to the appropriate masterlist.
  • Any resources not in accordance to the copyright rules will be deleted, so please make sure to really check before posting.
  • Before posting your resource/resource pack:
    • Make sure your image packs includes credit for everything in them. This means that a credit list in text form, or however is easier for you, is to be included with the image pack.
    • Please make sure that every image used is used in accordance with the rules of the specific photographer as well. An image might not be copyrighted, but if the photographer doesn't allow use of their images outside of their own site then that image may not be posted in your resource/resource pack.
    • Don't include images from WHI, Tumblr, FanPop or any site that makes it difficult to discern the actual source of the image.
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Tutorial Center Rules

Please be aware that you need to have 5 posts to be able to see the Tutorial Central and 10 posts if you want to see advanced full graphic tutorials


Tutorial Types

  • Specific graphic tutorials
    • A step-by-step guide on how to make a particular graphic. This can be a beginner tutorial or a tutorial for advanced artists and can be a tutorial for forum graphics (signatures and icons), banners, blends, or headers.
  • Technique tutorials
    • These tutorials focus on a specific technique, such as composition and blending, text, coloring, animation, image quality, etc.
  • Coding & Skinning
  • Photography & Digital Painting



  • Do make your tutorials as cross-platform/translatable as possible. Tutorials are subject to cross platform review. Clearly, no-one expects you to be able to tell someone how and where to find something in a piece of software you don't use, but instead of saying "create a new layer and set to soft light, then hit ctrl-u and desaturate it", try saying "adjust your contrast settings a smidge - I used 32% opacity and a desaturated soft light layer". While it may seem like this makes tutorials more vague - and it does - each tutorial section has tutorials teaching people how to use their specific software and this is simply teaching them how to make a specific graphic.
  • Do make sure you are credited properly. If you have a case where someone made a graphic using your tutorial, but hasn't credited you for it, please use the guide posted here+ for when you're not quite sure how to proceed! 
  • Do check to see if the tutorial you want to make hasn't already been made in a similar fashion by someone else. This way we can prevent tutorials from getting too repetitive!
  • Do give your tutorial a proper title. "Emmy Rossum sig" is not a title - it could mean literally thousands of things! Try to come up with something descriptive and make sure it isn't already taken by another tutorial.


  • Try to avoid posting specific images (i.e. stock images, people, etc.) since we have the Resource Arena+ for this. You may provide textures if needed, but please make sure these adhere to credit to their original creator! You may link to specific images but ONLY in the step-by-step tutorial section. 


Posting a Tutorial

All new tutorials need to be posted here+. If they follow the guidelines, they will get sorted into the appropriate forum by a moderator. 


What to include:

  • In the title of your topic, give the tutorial a specific name relating to what the tutorial is meant to teach. For example: "red coloring banner", "light texture icon", etc.
  • In the topic description, include the original program you used and a general skill level (beginner, intermediate, advanced) depending on how difficult the tutorial is to follow.
  • As many images of the process as possible of the steps of the graphic/technique so that people can "see" how you are making the graphic and how the graphic should look at particular steps. Also try to describe your steps in enough detail so that those less familiar with the program can attempt to understand your tutorial.
  • Names of the fonts used. If you can also provide a link this would help greatly, but this is not necessary.
  • The skills needed to complete the graphic as you made it. For example, 'this graphic mostly uses hard-cutting'.
  • Links to other tutorials that are relevant. For example, if the graphic requires hard-cutting, you might link to a blending tutorial.

Once the tutorial is submitted, it will be added to the tutorial masterlist.


If you have any further questions, please feel free to send a message to a member of the Staff or post in the Questions and Suggestions center.

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