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The Dark Arts

General Rules and Conduct on TDA

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  • TDA has a 15+ code of conduct (comparable to PG-13). This means that no sexually explicit content or content with graphic violence may be posted here.
  • For artists: All graphics in your galleries must be safe for work. Anything that does not stroke with the 15+ rule must be put under a link with appropriate content warning.
  • Respect all members! this means no posting anything offensive to any gender, sexuality, race, creed, ethnicity, religion, lifestyle
  • We do not tolerate harrasment or bullying of any kind. Any type or form of harrasment will result in a ban.



  • Only one account per member is allowed. We admins usually check this by looking at the IP address of every account that is in the process of getting validated.
  • IMPORTANT: If you have a brother, sister or other family member registering under the same IP address, please notify an admin via PM of this before they register!  


Signature, Avatar and Background Photo Sizes

  • Signatures must not exceed 500x200 pixel size and the text in your signatures must not exceed 500x100. Anything larger will be removed by the Mods and you will be given a verbal warning.
  • Avatar will automatically resize for you, but we recommend keeping it a square around 200x200 px.
  • Background photo can be found on your profile and can be changed by you, as long as it doesn't break our rules.

On requesting a name change
You may request a name change in the following instances:

  • If you want your username to match your username on another site (such as HPFF, LiveJournal, FanFiction.net etc etc),
  • For safety reasons, e.g., if you feel like you are being harassed or stalked,
  • Your current username contains a spelling error,
  • You've had your username for more than two years,
  • During the annual New Years Name Change Day (follow Notices from the Admins to find out when exactly the event will be taking place)
  • If you want to request a name change, please PM one of the admins with the desired username and the reason why you want to change it.
  • Once you change your name, you must post in this+ thread.

Personal Information

  • Personal photos, pictures of friends or family, detailed information on where you live, where you go to school or any other address you frequent, are not allowed to be posted here. This is for your own safety more than anything else!
  • For that reason, we don't allow links to Facebook, MySpace, Instagram, and other social media links (with the exception of Twitter and Tumblr) to be posted in your signatures.
  • Since a lot of members have started using twitter and tumblr these past few months and the popularity of those sites keeps on growing, the admins have decided that it is allowed to link to tumblr and twitter in your signatures. However be aware that this is at your own disgression!  



  • What do we understand under spamming? Any posts in galleries or posts in the critique corner that basically contribute nothing and are clearly only posted to up your post count. I'm thinking of those posts going only "wow so beautiful" or "this is amazing" and nothing else. Snag posts in new galleries count under spam too. I understand it's exciting to have the first post in a new gallery, but please have the courtesy of editing it immediately after you posted it. 
  • What don't we understand under spamming? Any posts in the resource section where you state that you will use and credit, or posts in the off topic forums. Though even in the off topic forums, we do expect you to post more than just 3 word posts.
  • All newly registered members are placed under moderator preview to prevent spamming to get to the tutorial section. If we do catch you spamming after you're off the mod preview, it will result in a warning point.

Ripping/Altering Graphics 

  • Ripping means taking portions of someone else's graphic, or using another artist's PSD by simply copying their layers onto your graphic and then passing it off as your own. If we catch anyone ripping, it will result in an automatic demotion and 6 month promotion ban or even a full ban from the site, depending on how severe the ripping was.
  • PSD's are allowed, with the exception of challenges!
  • Altering Graphics, (mostly for requestors), means taking a graphic that was made for you and then making your own alterations upon it, without asking the artist's permission. This will result in a warning raise and a ban in case of multiple infractions.
  • If there is anything unclear, there are moderators, staff moderators and admins that you can PM, or you can post your question in the Questions and Suggestions Center!
  • In case you notice a rule infraction, please use the report function to report it to a moderator.



  • All graphics posted on TDA by members are owned by them. We do not claim the right to any of those graphics, nor we claim any legal responsibility.
  • We do not require a credits list, but it is each member's responsibility to make sure they are not ripping and stealing from other artists.
  • TDA Staff and Server Owners will not be held responsible for any copyright infringement.


Deleting Account

  • At any point you may have your account, post or gallery deleted. 
  • To delete an account, please PM one of the Admins
  • Deleting your account means your profile will be gone, but any content you made prior to the deletion will not be deleted.
  • To have your post or gallery or thread deleted, please post here+.


By posting on the forum, you agree to follow the rules. If you wish to contact us, you can do so by PM'ing one of the Admins or sending us an-mail through the contact form+.

Rules were last updated on:

-- December 18, 2020

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