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The Dark Arts

that green light, i want it

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audrey. 25. photoshop.

finding my style again after ~10 years.

newest will be at the top of each section.



































(+color version of "tell me" blend)


chapter images










awards by hamylton. (jan. '21, may '21) and Lola. (dec. '20, march '21) 💕


credit list:

unsplash.com | pexels.com | dafont.com | gaby's font pack | anyataylorjoy.net | sophieturner.org | jasonmomoaweb.com | phoebe-tonkin.org | anadearmas.net | annie-murphy.net | zoe-kravtiz.com| brielarson.net| deviantart: cataclysmicly, ll-AranzA-ll, cypher-s, IntoxicatedVogue, springsabila, RavenOrlov, lilithdemoness

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Okay first of all I thought I liked the way you used colors before but I'm even more blown away looking in here 😍 

I also just love all the diversity you have with the models you're using (I tend to use 2-3 models and that makes me sad). 


+this is probably my favorite of your sigs, just, because? I like the texture and the colors in it so much

and +this is likely my favorite in your whole gallery right now. All of your banners are so vibrant and eye-catching and you play with your coloring in a way thats so fun and beautiful!


your promotion was so well earned! I appreciated your comment in my gallery so much and I'm so excited to see what all you make next. 

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hey hi hello!!! 


1) your blending is flawless like +what and +what !! love these pieces

2) that blend is S T U N N I N G. I am amazed how you included so many people and so wonderfully and the text is so perfect !!! I literally never know what to do with blends or text so consider me v v impressed. very well executed!

3)  I love love the Queen's Gambit and that chapter image is so pretty! I love the smoky effect and the chess pieces ofc. makes me wanna make some QG graphics myself, very inspirational!!

4) +this is my favorite banner. I love the blending and composition!! srsly everything is in such perfect place, the coloring is lovely, and the text is nice!

5) also rly love +this 

6) your style is lovelyyyy overall


can't wait to see more graphics from you and watch you fly up the ranks!



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@.asterism - oh thank you so much, that means a lot 🥰  it was so fun to create something with such bright colors and to play around with the adjustment layers just to see how it came out. tysm hunter and the sentiment is mutual! 💕


@klutzy_kara - ahhh thank you kara! such a detailed comment - we luv 2 see it! PLEASE make some queen's gambit pieces, i'm sure they would be absolutely gorg 😍 that blend was for the comfort zone challenge and since it's been a while since i've reallyyyyy made a blend, i was like "how do this????" so i'm really happy that it was successful. 🥰 thank you thank you for all the love, i'm so happy to be back 💗

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congratulations on the promo! i absolutely loved your entry for the neon challenge and your text and composition is so great across the board!! excited to see what else you do :) 

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Here is the admin pre-promo crit that you requested. Apologies for the delay in doing it. If you have any questions, feel free to PM me!


You have good composition skills. You’re able to use both textures and stock in your graphics and pick images that work well at conveying the feelings and theme of the graphic. Your blending skills are excellent and you use partial monochrome well which aids your focal points. The next thing for you to work on is adding depth to your graphics. This is often done by layering people and objects of different sizes to make it looks like they’re further back. +bewitching. has some really great examples of that (as do many other artists, so make sure to have a look around). I can see that you are starting to do that, but a lot of your graphics are base > people> text which can make them look a little flat at times. +This CI and +this blend are great examples of you adding depth.


Focal Point
You generally have a decent focal point, though you do have a few graphics that don’t (Oblivion banner, The Girl That I Love blend). When designing a graphic, you almost need to draw an invisible line for the viewers eye to travel along. That’s not to say that you can’t have other things on the rest of the graphic, but rather that they shouldn’t attract the eye’s immediate attention. A good example is your ‘It’s a Kind of Magic’ banner, where you eye initially sees the models and then sweeps off to the right along the text.

You have good colouring skills that match the theme of the graphics, though often they’re very one-colour. You need to work on using complementary colours more often. +This is a really great site where you can select your colour on the colour wheel and it will tell you what colour complements it. This will help your graphics look more appealing and less flat. That doesn’t mean that you have to use the complementary colour -and often you’ll find a different colour works better with your images- just as long as the other colour works well with the first colour.
You are also very good at matching the skin tones of your models, so great job on that.


You use a good range of fonts in your graphics and your text normally helps with your focal point. Your colour choice matches perfectly with your graphics. However, your text is mostly just placed on top of the graphic or just under a model. You need to work on making it part of the graphic. That, at least in my experience, means not leaving it until last. Try and work your text in as you’re building up your composition. That way, it will fit in. It may also help to do the same for smaller text so that you know you haven’t got to find a way to make it readable at the end. 


Your filtering is good overall. Your images choices are good quality and the filtering on them matches within each graphic and it clear and sharp. +This CI is an excellent example of great filtering. 


You definitely have a style emerging. This isn’t really something I can offer crit on since it develops as you progress as an artist, but I know it can often be hard to see your own style, so I just wanted to let you know that it is starting to show.

Things to focus on to get to grad
-Adding depth 
-Creating a good focal point and flow
-Adding complementary colours
-Working text into your composition 


Finally, I just wanted to tell you how much I love +this CI. I know I’ve mentioned it a few times already, but it is the kind of graphic I would expect to see from someone ranked higher. That is the standard you should be aiming for. It has depth, complementary colours, amazing filtering, focal point, and really great text! 


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@hamylton. - thank you amy! i really appreciate the notes and i'll definitely work on the few things you mentioned. i do have a few questions but i'll save those for a PM. thank you again!! :loves:

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I had to visit your gallery after your lovely comment - and wow, I'm blown away by how colorful and pretty it is!! :loves: your work has this soft vibrancy to it that's so pleasing. like, how'd you even color this sig??? that glowing neon pink against the blue is *chef's kiss*.  this sig looks so dreamy, I could stare at it for a long time. and this blend is so so amazing, I love the composition and the splash of green. and I particularly love this banner, it's just so well-done. I can't wait to see even more of your work :loves:

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