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Happy New Year!

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Hello everyone and Happy New Year! Let's hope it's a good one for everybody! ❤️ 


  • Name Change Day topic is open now! Please read the instructions and you can request a name change here+.


  • New Place To Squee topic is open here+.



  • The Polling Place has been revamped entirely and you're more than welcome to post your own polls for 2021!


That was the fun stuff :3 On a different note, the system has been updated and there are bugs here and there. If you see any, please report them here+ :) E-mails are currently not working and it's an issue we're working on, so please be patient with us (you won't even find them in spam, sad times ;-;)

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It looks like the e-mail issue has been fixed, but if you're experiencing problems, please PM me with details! :3

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