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The Dark Arts

think your love would be too much

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Lexi, 24, Western US













Chapter Images






















jXJ0RM.png rnc86wA.png

   made by hamylton                                                                                                        made by Lola.  


lOITfY.png l0N0rJ.png

made by hamylton                                                                                              made by hamylton



made by hamylton



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hi lexi!


i absolutely LOOOOVE how dynamic your comp and text are. all of your graphics are gorgeous but signatures are obviously your strong suit. 😍 i love the coloring on +this and +this especially and i can't wait to see what else you create and i'm sure you'll fly up the ranks!



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lexi!! hello!! 

(this seemed a fitting place to put my first post back in awhile :loves:)

I LOVE all your work so far (big fan of the alannah fan-mix!), but my favourites are probably these two 1+, 2+, the alannah sig is just to DIE for, I love everything about it (comp, colouring, vibe, all of it), and I'm always a sucker for some bright colours and that "chasing the sun" one is just too lovely :wub: 

looking forward to seeing everything you accomplish going forward, and I will surely be back!!

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hiii lovelies I've been meaning to reply to these for so long, please forgive me 😅 


@kalopsia thank you so much -- especially since you commented this so soon after I posted my gallery, your comment really was such a morale boost and so very appreciated ❤️ 

@Lola. thank you! :wub: coming from you it means a lot ❤️ 

@iron man Jess you're too nice to me I swear -- thank you my dear you're the best ❤️ 

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congratulations on the promo, so super well deserved! i absolutely love your diverse use of colour, the way you can do both bright and dark colouring in such a vibrant way. i think this is my favorite because of how soft and pretty it looks and i'm a sucker for pink pastel. 

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Hi Lexi, I’m here with your critique. First off, contgrats on your promotion. Very well deserved.


Focal Points

When it comes to focal points I think the strongest ones are those in your signatures. You have a good eye for grouping everything together to create one. I love your use of large and small model images. The signatures I like the most are +this and +this. The focal points within these definitely draw you into the graphic rather than your eyes struggling to find where to look. If you could apply those types of focal points to the rest of your graphics then they would be amazing.


My tips for focal points are to think about where your eye would be draw to first if you were viewing the graphic for the first time. Is it the larger model or the text? If you can answer that type of question then you mostly likely have a clear focal point. Another tip would also be to not over complicate focal points, often simple can work the best but that depends on the type of graphic you are creating. Have a play around and see what you can come up with. Also look at other artist galleries and see how they do their focal points.


Colouring/Image Quality

You have a good grasp of colouring but I feel there may be certain elements of your colouring which are affecting the quality of the images within your graphics, for example +this – the models look low quality and slightly grainy. It may be your stylistic choice but there needs to be a balance. In the signature above it the image quality is so much better, giving a smoother appearance. It is always best to choose high quality (HQ) images and there are several places on deviantart which offer HQ images of models such as +here.


In order to solve the problem, if it is your colouring affecting it, I’d suggest you go through every individual layer of colouring, toggling the little eye button next to each layer, to try and work out which one it is. Colouring layers should not affect the quality of your images so be mindful when using layers like brightness and contrast. If you need help learning about the colouring tools in photoshop then check out my tutorial +here. I’d also suggest playing around with different colouring tools and see what colouring effects you can create. Practise makes perfect so do not worry if you cannot master specific tools just yet.



I have noticed with your graphics there is a similar theme in the fonts used, which may relate to your comfort zone. One thing to know about fonts is that although they may be called something different, they may actually look similar to another one in your list. That is just something to consider when picking out new fonts to use. I’d suggest browsing dafont for some new fonts or by browsing past name that font threads (+here or +here). You could even download the font packs such as +this one. Those are just some ways you can discover new fonts to use in your graphics.


I’d also try to be aware of whether the font you have chosen fits the theme of your graphic. For example, the font on +this blend does not work so well with the bright colours. Most graphic artists live by the following rule: ‘serif fonts such as Times New Roman and Georgia look better in darker, angsty, stock graphics because they tend to look more traditional. Sans serif fonts such as oswald look better in brighter, happy graphics because they look more modern and suit the mood better.’ Script/calligraphy fonts look better on dark angsty graphics as they also look more traditional.



Style is something that will come with time and is unique to every artist. It can be how they colour their graphics or how they place their models etc. it is different for everyone. For example, starbuck’s style is dark graphics whereas wildest dreams’ style is bright and colourful. Any common theme within your graphics can be classed as a style. The most common theme within your gallery is pastel and soft colours as well as minimalistic graphics.


It can take you years to develop a style, it is something that does not happen overnight. Just keep playing around with making graphics and eventually you will find something that clicks for you, becoming something that you do in every graphic. For example, my style is soft, shiny graphics (created by my colouring methods). I’d suggest looking at other artists galleries and trying to find something they do in every graphic which you might class as their style. Seeing what others do may help you understand your own style.


Mini Challenge

A blend with 3 different models on with one being upside down and one being male (using HQ images), a completely new font, no pinks or purples in the colouring and must contain at least 3 bits of text (main text and two sub texts).


If you have any questions regarding anything mentioned above then please do not hesitate to PM me.



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