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Changes to Promotions

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We have made some changes to Promotions and the rules have been updated here+ for ranks Member-Master and here+ for ranks Master+.


To sum up, the change that applies to all rank is that in addition to having your gallery updated in the last month, we now also require at least five posts made anywhere across the board in the month prior to the promos!



As of February 2021, to be considered for promotion, you will need to make 5 posts anywhere on the board in the previous month. For example, do be considered for March Promotions that will be posted in the first days of March, you will need to have made 5 posts in February. This applies to all ranks promotions!


To make things easier, posting in the Chill Out Zone will now add posts to your post count! Regardless of whether or not your post count is bumped, if you made 5 posts anywhere on the board, you will be considered for promotion. 


Additionally, we added some guidelines for Master+ ranks when applying for promos! 




As a general rule of thumb, if you're preparing to apply for promos, make sure to follow the guidelines regarding sections and how many pieces to include in each section.


Sections, for TDA's purposes, are: signatures, chapter images, blends, icons, banners, colorizations. 


Master Epsilon

sections: 4

pieces in each section: minimum of 2-3 


Master Delta

sections: 4

pieces in each section: minimum of 3-4


Master Gamma

sections: 5

pieces in each section: minimum of 2-3


Master Beta

sections: 5

pieces in each section: minimum of 3-4


Master Alpha

sections: 5

pieces in each section: 4+



Of course, filling your sections will not guarantee promotion, but it's a minimum we're looking for!


If you have any questions, as always, please PM one of the admins! :) 

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