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returning after a long break!

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Hello everyone! I've been on TDA for roughly ~9 years now since I was far too young to understand how anything related to graphics works, left in about 2014, and have mostly been a floater since. I thought I'd re-introduce myself though, as I'm currently in the process of creating a gallery again! So, my name is Jess, and you may know me over on PW as Elias Roy, Henri Neilson, or Reaghan Reitman. As can probably be deduced from my username, I'm a big comic/Marvel/DC fan, among many other nerdy things 😅 Looking forward to getting to know people around here again, and relearning how to make graphics :loves:

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hi jess! nice to meet you and welcome back! :loves:  i’m audrey and I’m another one who was on here a whiiiile ago and just came back recently. :tongue:

can’t wait to see what you create!! 💕


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