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J E S S ' G A L L E R Y

hello everyone, I'm jess! been around TDA for years, but haven't had a gallery in quite some time. 

most recent will be at the top, old works will be linked, and credit list is at the bottom :loves:

everything will be a bit cluttered starting out, but we'll get there!

22 / photoshop cc / WIP


S I G N A T U R E S 






















older stuff: 1+, 2+, +3












older stuff: 1+



C H A P T E R   I M A G E S




B L E N D S / M I S C. 
click for full resolution!




alt version++


older stuff: 1+

click here!



P R O M O S 

credits (left to right): Lola, hamylton, hamylton, hamylton, hamylton

Lxo23hy.png  l0N9Vs.png 5xc4r9C.png rAuVhvt.png gx9lFY.png

credits (left to right): Lola



T H E  E N D 

that's all for now, thanks for dropping by!

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hi jess!


so happy to see you finally posted a gallery. just wanna say WOWWWWW 😍 your graphics are absolutely GORGEOUS. i love your use of textures and the way you create depth with text (like in your signatures). i'm in LOVE with +this and +this - the way you used different parts of the model's faces is so creative and makes the banners that much more interesting to look at (i keep scrolling back up to look at them to see if there's anything else in the composition that i missed). and the coloring on the "wings off of flies" banner is just...so so aesthetically pleasing.


can't wait to see what else you create!!! :loves:

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tysm for your comment! ironically, when I originally started putting together this gallery, I had a little note under banners that just said "these are the bane of my existence" and didn't intend to include any, so I'm sooo glad to hear someone likes them :loves:


thanks again for stopping by and for your kind words 💗

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Hi Jess, I’m here with your critique. I’m in awe of all of your graphics. They are stunning! I love them all. You have an amazing grasp on comps, colouring, everything!



Your skills with text are just incredible! The way you can fit lots of text onto a single graphic is just…wow! I’m jealous of your skills!


The only thing I would say is the small is often hard to make out and read such as +here. This can be down to a couple of factors such as filter/colouring layers, font used or spacing between the letters.


In order to fix it, if it is because of your colouring layers, you need to reorganise your layers. If your text layer is below your colouring layers then move it to above. This will also stop any pixelation of your text as certain colouring layers can affect that. I generally tend to stick to either Arial/Calibri or Georgia/Times New Roman for my sub text but that is my general preference.


You have a good grasp of spacing text to make it more readable but readability can be affected depending on which tools you use. The letter spacing within photoshop is hard to toggle so I try not to use it too much. I much prefer to use the space bar and there is a rule I have always stuck to (taught to me by a fellow graphic maker). Spaces between words are three taps on the space bar and between the letters is one tap. It creates a nice even spacing. If you need more tips on spacing you can check out +this tutorial.


One tip I can offer when it comes to text is experiment with new fonts. Browse dafont and see if any fonts take your fancy. If you find something you like then use it. Try not to fall into the thought of no other members have used this font before so maybe I should not. You never know you may inspire others to try that font to. Get out of your comfort zone.



After looking at your gallery I do not actually think this is a weak point for you. I’d call it more of a stylistic choice. Yes, in your banners it is a common theme but you make it work. I’m not saying do it in every piece you create (be careful of being repetitive) but every now and again. The one tip I can offer here is to try and be creative about how you hide the models faces. That way it will not make it look like a sharp cut of the face such as +here. The larger face feels too in your face and slightly lower quality. Whereas +here you have creatively hidden the cut face and it really works. I love it!


A way to wean yourself off cutting faces off in every graphic is to try and use one big model and then have littler models in the graphic. By including more people in the graphic, you may be less tempted to include a cut off face. It is just getting out of your comfort zone but also keeping your own style within your work.



I think your filtering is actually really good. Your colouring never impacts on the skin colour of the models and your graphics have a good sharpness. The only pieces letting down this factor are these two: +one and +two. With the first one the yellow of the main model is throwing it off completely since your main two colours are red and blue. I think it would have been better to have more warm red tones. In the second one, the colouring is perfect but for me it does not feel as sharp as your other graphics, slightly blurry. Other than that, I cannot fault this area.


My tip would be just to experiment with different colourings. If we ignore your rainbow banners for a second, most of your graphics include warm red, yellow and orange tones with a few blue tones. There are many different possibilities of colourings that can be achieved and it just takes experimenting with the different tools photoshop has to offer. If you need help with that then check out +this tutorial.


Gallery Organisation

Organisation of your gallery really depends on personal preference. Each artist will organise their gallery differently. My personal preference is to go from small to large, so icons come at the top and my gallery ends in blends. I’d suggest looking at other artists galleries, especially in the veteran artist section, and see how they organise theirs. Some artists prefer to have a gallery header and matching pips whereas others may prefer to keep it simple with just text (like you have).


Mini Challenge

Create a banner with no cut off faces, 4+ models, a new font and no warm tones in the colouring. No black and white too.


Or if you want an extra push then create a CI comprising fully of stock with 4+ people with two different fonts in the main text.


Have fun!


Pieces to remove

The bottom four signatures – I do not feel like they match up with the rest of your graphics.

The ‘golden prince’ banner – for the same reason above.


I have no idea how helpful this crit has actually been because throughout it I have just been squeeing over how stunning your graphics are. I cannot wait to see what other beauties you come up with!


If you have any questions about anything I have mentioned then do not hesitate to PM me.



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@bewitching. gaby, thank you so much for this critique + the compliments :wub: this was very helpful (and I am guilty of colouring over my text layers even if I know I shouldn't, so this is another kick to try and convince me to stop doing that!). those challenges are killer! I'll do my best all stock though!. Thanks again for taking the time to do this, and for all your kind words :loves:

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congrats on the promo, wow all your graphics are so pretty!! i saw your entry for april UC and was really impressed by how you used images and textures together and how dynamic each and every graphic looks. the colouring here is absolutely to die for, that combination of blue and orange is so beautiful! 

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@winter soldier I cannot believe how long it took me to answer this, but thank you so much for stopping in (and nice to see another marvel username still hanging around 👀)! this was so sweet of you and means a lot :loves:

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