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Easter Egg Hunt 2021!

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Welcome to TDA's Easter Egg Hunt 2021! This year, things will be a little different. Rather than scouring the forums desperately trying to find your eggs, you will be given a set of riddles that will lead you to the eggs. Each egg is accompanied by a riddle that hints towards the next egg. Once you've found them all (or as many as you can), post in the +Submissions within our Easter Egg Hunt subforum! 


There are 15 eggs hidden throughout the forums. Those who reach the end will be rewarded! You have one week! The submissions thread will close on April 11th.


We also have a special Easter themed challenge for you to try your hand at! 

+The Easter Egg Blend Challenge


Good luck! Your first riddle is below:



Hip hip hooray
Let’s celebrate
I’m older today
And I’m feeling so great

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