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The Dark Arts

Easter Egg Hunt Winners!

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First Place (15 Eggs) - A special Easter badge on your mini profile + 30 Vault points




@winter bear.


Second Place (14 Eggs) - 14 Vault points

@ana in wonderland



Third Place (9 Eggs) - 9 Vault points



All Vault points will be added automatically. No need to claim them.


For those who didn't manage to find all the eggs, here is a list of the riddles and all their locations:


Riddle One

Hip hip hooray
Let’s celebrate
I’m older today
And I’m feeling so great

Answer: +Birthday List

Riddle Two

Help me please
I need something new
If you could use these
Then I will love you

Answer: +Request Form

Riddle Three

You’ve been away
Because life got intense
Put them back on display
It makes so much sense

Answer: +Move My Thread/Gallery

Riddle Four

One or two?
Time to decide
That's your cue
It can't be tied

Answer: +This or That

Riddle Five

Finally complete
I await my fate
To see who I have beat
First place would be great

Answer: +March/April Winners

Riddle Six

Hello, I am new
I’m so full of fright
What do I do?
How do I navigate this site?

Answer: +A Guide to TDA

Riddle Seven

Congrats, look at you
Up, up you go
A new shade of blue
Now everyone will know

Answer: +April Promotions

Riddle Eight

I can offer advice
To help you improve
I promise I’m nice
Just make the first move

Answer: +Guide to the Artist Q&A

Riddle Nine

How did you do that?
One banner after the next
Please share you tips, Cat
It’s got me so vexed

Answer: +Cat's Continuous Banners

Riddle Ten

Buzz buzz buzz
I’m making some honey
Come learn about me, cuz
My issue was runny

Answer: +January Digest 2021

Riddle Eleven

A graphic so great
I’ve got to share 
The things you create
Make everyone stare

Answer: +A Place to Squee v.11

Riddle Twelve

Turn the page
Get sucked in
Set the stage
Let's begin

Answer: 50 Books Challenge 2021

Riddle Thirteen

For all that you’ve done
You can get a reward
Spend what you’ve won
Or you can just hoard

Answer: +Vault Statistics

Riddle Fourteen

I'm a little lost
To submit my code
Fingers crossed
It will load

Answer: +How to Post Codes?

Riddle Fifteen

Oh who could that be?
I haven’t got a clue
Could someone help me?
I’ll be grateful to you!

Answer: +Who's That? v.8

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Congratulations everyone, and thank you to the staff for taking the time to organising the hunt for us! It was a lot of fun ❤️


Now that the results are out I can publicly shame myself and say that Riddle Four was the one I was stuck on for hours, and I actually checked the This or That thread once or twice before I finally found the egg 🙈

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hooray! congrats everyone! 😍 riddle four was also the one that stumped me for the longest time but it was so fun. thanks to the staff for organising it 😁

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Congrats guys! :yahoo:


I can now say that riddle four was actually one of my riddles. I'm sorry but not sorry. Glad you guys liked it!

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