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Estevan - Male





My Muses (in no specific order):
LoveKilledMe (Sherri), panicstrickyn (mel), Greenangel (Sherri), White (Faiz), Geo-Stigma (Sean), Credo.vla (Laura), Mimi, Alora (Em) Prue, Dani, Enya, Hime, Somuch (Dawne), Galatea (susan), sharo, ChristSeeker37 (Doug), a.perfect.lie (Karen) ...and many more.



Chapter Images







Years later and I finally notice, I totally missed her upper lip.












Made these before the movie. lol




































Credits List


Edited by Estevan
Fixing Links

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i've always loved your stuff. seriously your graphics have always been so cool and beautiful. anything you make with taylor swift always always looks so fabulous and amazing. your banners are just so pretty and the effy blend is one of my favorite pieces because i just love everything about it, especially the colors. Edited by zephyra.

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Estevan! I've always been completely in love with your style, it's so soft and pretty :loves: and your Teenage Dream icon is probably my favorite icon ever hahaha ^__^ So basically everything you make is flawless and I love it all and can I please live here? Please? :dance:

Edited by Magpie

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@justlikemagic - Wow I didn't notice people posted so fast. XD I was still looking for stuff to update and change. But thank you for liking my Effy blend, I used to be a huge Skins fan. But after season 4, I'm so pissed off. You probably don't know but Effy's boyfriend got killed and she still doesn't know or at least we don't know if she knows because they left it unresolved. Stupid writers! lol And I'm off topic again. Thanks for the nice comment. =)


@zephyra. - I'll write something back when you do. =)


@Magpie - Wasn't I just roaming your gallery, now that's awkward. XD Thanks so much for the comments. And I also love that Teenage Dream Icon, I really didn't think people were gonna find it as funny as I did when I made it. =D


Anywho 'Updated' with a very yellow Colorization, but hey at least its something. Am I right? :glomp:

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oooh!! shiny new gallery!


soooo i dunno if i've ever told you this, but i've always really really really really liked your francisco lachowski blends :loves: the coloring in the first is just amazzinggg, and i love the second in all it's monochromatic glory <3


gahhh your style is just flipping epic, man. it's so natural and the composition of all your graphics is suppes prettyyy


:glomp: you're amazing!

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Your coloring and composition is amazing ^_^

That Teenage Dream icon still makes my day

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Your banners are my all time favorite pieces ever :wub:

Estevan, you've always been a really big inspiratioin to me.

And you need to stop being cool, because you're making me jealous. Very Jealous.


Just kidding, if you stopped being cool... well that'd just be a horrible day.



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Oh how I'm in love with your blends! The composition, the picture selection, the coloring, the text. To get everything right in every kind of graphic, thats got to be illegal. I love the banners and the CI set and the icons and the colorization, so basically everything. And I have been in love with your graphics for quite sometime ^_^ They're just gorgeously creative and they work so well, irrespective of varaition in moods etc. I don't know how someone can pull off every kind of graphic, and not just types but also in terms of coloring, composition, mood. Its just brilliant. I'm not going to pick a favorite because thats a mighty hard thing to do in a gallery this pretty but the blends- they're going straight to my inspiration folder :)

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I've always been a fan of your style.


I love your unique compositions and your rich & bold coloring. I cant seriously pick a fave, you're perfect at everything :wub:


I think i love your banners & blends just a bit more but i seriously love everything in here :P


you should update more often ;)


vany <3

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You are definately one of my favourite banner makers on tda :wub:

I am in love with each and every one of your banners! The colours you achieve are just amazing! :D

I'd love to see more from you <3 :)


niika <3

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@Sundrops - lol I really gotta stop using Francisco, but I deleted all of my models and stock images to start all over again and he was the only model left and now I have like an endless supply. I need to find another male muse. At least Leighton Meester is my new female muse, just wait til those blends come out. XD

@Ninja - Thanks! I love that icon too.

@angelic. Awww thanks, I really don't know whats so inspiring. There is way too much talent on this site, like for reals. lol

@prospero - THANK YOU! I really used to hate the fact that my graphics didn't all look the same way like some people on this site manage to use as their own unique style. I just like making things and I just hope at the end that they look somewhat decent. So thanks again and you are definitely one of my favorite ares here as well. As someone told me yesterday, you father must be a terrorist because you're the BOMB! XD

@amour.toujours - want to know your secret on how you make like a billion graphics at once, I can't keep up. But I'm going to school more now, monday - thursdays and that keeps me busy which is why I had to step down as a challenge mod here. Hopefully I can at least continue graphics because it sucks when you don't make stuff for a while because it takes a while to remember how to do stuff. Thanks though, I should bookmark every compliment you give me. =D

@niika - REALLY? Me? Banner makers on TDA? This is TDA, where there is no such thing as a non-creative banner. I don't know, that's a huge compliment [too much pressure *explodes*]. Coming from you thank you seeing as you are uber-brilliant in your own right. Thank you though! And I need to definitely make more banners. But I haven't seen any Challenges/Ultimate Challenges with banner challenges lately. =(

UPDATED! sorta rusty. So back off, it takes a while. XD

Edited by Estevan

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bah hah ha ha! Every time I listen to "Back to December" on that lyric I totally think of Taylor Lautner too! He is slowly taking over....0.0


But I wanted to say that you are totally awesome Estevan, don't ever forget that.

Edited by lazybones

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Ugh. I'm going to have 'let's do the time warp again' going through my head for hours now. Shame on you D:


Since I'm here anyways, you're fantastic.

I love your text, I love your colouring, I love your mix of old school awesome and new-fangled jazz.

I love the soft and finished look everything you make has.

I really friggin' love your icons.


The deathly hallows banners you made blew me away when I first saw them. Seriously Estevan, stunning.

I don't think I checked to see if you won the challenge or not. Did you? You should have.


You need to teach me composition sometime, mister.

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Wow, it's been awhile since I've been here :ph34r:.


Pfft like that matters anyway. That just means even older stuff is new stuff to me! I love your icons so very much; I like how you put backgrounds into some and make them into little blends. My favorite is that "Teenage Dream" Voldemort one because it made me laugh and I love the blur. Your banners are so amazing as well, and your Kaya stuff (and not just because I love her). Anyway, great work here Estevan, keep it up!



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@lazybones - Everyone knows its about Taylor Lautner. lol But the funniest thing about it, is did you see the video for Back to December? The guy is white, I was like...someone wasn't paying attention to her own lyrics. XD But whatever, its a good song.


@somuch - I rented Rocky Horror Picture Show and now I'm a fan of how bizarre it is. Oh and thanks for this compliment, 'I love your mix of old school awesome and new-fangled jazz.' I can honestly say, I have never heard that. haha Thank so much for all you said and I'm not so sure what I'm making graphic wise lately.


@hayley jade - "Hayley Jade, I love that name. Love that tattoo whats that say, 'Rotten Pieces...uh, that's great." Not sure if your familiar with that Eminem songs but I always think of that line from Superman everytime I see your name. Thanks so much for all the wonderful comments, its been awhile since I'd done it in return outside of the Squee thread. Kaya's awesome, still pissed off with last seasons Skins finale though. Killing off Freddie was a big mistake and completely crazy.

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so i'm pretty much one of those creepy stalkers that lurks outside your gallery and makes you want to cross the street.


i'm quite sure you know what i'm talking about, 'cause i'd be you have a lot ^_^


i love your coloring to bits and pieces, honestly, it's so amazing. all soft and pretty and kind like, KAPOWIE only less POW and more... idek. i'm rambling. >.<


anyways. that teenage dream icon is the most amazing thing i have ever seen, and since i recently discovered i love back to december a whole bunch that 'back to december' banner is the gjdhakfje;ajlf;' just fantastic.


...i'm starting to sound a bit creepy, so yeah. i'll stop now. but you're amazing, honestly, and i'm a fan-girl.


just the facts, the bare facts.


i think i just mutilated a movie quote O.o

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alright, i'm not going to lie. i've been a big, big, big fan for quite awhile now.

when i first wandered into to your gallery i really loved everything.

but then i saw it. the signature that will forever make me a fan of your graphics.

you know the mika song, lollipop? well, i went through this phase where mika was my music and soul and then you had lyrics from one of my favorite songs of his on a taylor swift signature and i was sold♥

'sucking too hard on your lollipop, oh love's gonna get you down, singing!'

^yeah, i still know all his lyrics by heart.

IN OTHER NEWS, i kept coming back and i love everything you make. it's always so shiny and pretty yet sooo soft. YOU GRAPHICS ARE LIKE DISPLAY BEDS AT THE BAY :O.

(now you're going to think i'm crazy, but those beds are the most fun to sit on and bounce about on.)

well, i hope you keep making supermegasweet graphics because i'd be very disappointed if you didn't.

because it took a lot of courage to post in here. srsly.

you're my idol~

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