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so essentially, i'm an eighteen year old loser who's been doing this for like... five years.
i've been here since non-contrast was in style, so yall gon think all my stuff is geezer looking.

my dream is that i can get to be a good enough artist where like... 90% of everything
i make, i think is good enough to put into my gallery. at this point, i'm lucky if it's 25%.

created 4.22.11
last updated 9.01.11



dizz icon iz a joke. u get it if u read shel silverstein.





2nd in the planes, trains and automobile challenge.


dizz one of dem things dat i no suxx but i lyk3 it so dont hayte. dey onlee reason i k33p it is bcuz its animated.




Edited by golden.
removed broken images

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-runs around squealing-


Hey Tiffany, you know how much I adore your work so there's no need for me to explain, is there? ^_^. I love your colouring :wub: :fangirl: Especially how soft it is in your first banner. It's just like O.O I want to reach out and touch it. (Totally not creepy I swear). :silly:


And i adore how all of your graphics tell a story~ Each one has it's own amazing composition and just kinda, tells us something different, especially your banners. ♥ I am in love with the bases for your banners too. :wub:



Edited by laurraawwrr

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i've always been a fan of your style. I love how you blend everything so softly and your coloring works perfectly on top of that ^_^


Your style is still one of my faves because of the old school style it has, gorgeous <3


i'd love to see some icons, but i'm probably pushing my luck :P


love your banner esp. ^_^


vany <3

Edited by amour.toujours

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Yes, I made your top three! Just as I hoped *dances*


About flippin time you made me a gallery!

Your sigs are gorgeous as always! And those banners are love!

Never doubt your staffness :wub:

Edited by .asperity

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whuuuuuut fourth? yayyyy!


i'll edit :)


wow... next time i take that long to edit something, just kick me. kay?






you're fantastic. i love the way your graphics are all so soft and smooth,

and just all together gorgeous :wub:


that chapter image blows my mind o.O wowwwwww -dies- and that taylor

swift banner! SO PRETTY.


keep making gorgeous things, kay? 'else i'll die, and i'm sure you'd be terribly

sad if that were to happen :P

Edited by everafter

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fifth :{D

okay so i'm in love with your graphics

seriously they are BEAUTIFUL

:wub: especially your second banner

keep making pretties, okay?

- faith :)

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Hi big buddy!


Im so excited that you got a gallery, I always figured you were amazing, but now I have proof!


I'm in love with the first set, I think it's fantastic. :D

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Tiffany, you know the reason why words like inspiring and beautiful and wonderful pop up in my mind when I look at your gallery? Because everything here transports me back to that wonderful time when we just infused our graphics with love and it shows so well in your graphics- because I know you think twice before doing anything and that questioning is what keeps your graphics from ever becoming even the slightest bit non-inspiring. I find so much to learn- the simplicity, the composition, the feel of your graphics are so evocative and even though I know I'll never be able to make something like this, I still find so much to admire and hopefully achieve one day. My favorite piece is the Doctor Who CI. But the signatures and the banners (and wow! for the animation on the first one) are simply gorgeous :wub: Make more banners? :)

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YAY TIFF!! Such eye catching graphics! Wonderful placement and soft composition! Loves it here, you can't make me leave now. :wub:

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What fallacy is this?

I have not commented in Tiffany's gallery. D:

well, here I am. <3


Because I've been spending too much time in the RA

I've been noticing the graphics you've been making

and they are gorgeous. <3 I love how you're old school

but really cool, as well. Your coloring is amazing and soft

and pretty and I am just a big fan! <3 keep it up love..


Also, I've had a lot of fun with you in LGMS. Onto cycle 6, yes? :)



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Hi! I'm here to clean out your gallery.



I would get rid of the Ashton Montgomery siggy because it's a little too LQ, the Rachel McAdams is in a similar situation but I love the text and colouring on it so much I don't think you should part with it.



This one has been the hardest one because I love all of them! I'll just base it on the weakest banner

probably the lupin's lost love banner.

(That Lockheart banner is amazing in every way possible btw!)



Even though there's only one I would say keep it because it's really cute and I like what you've done with the shape!



Again there's only one but I really like it, I'd just lower the filters a little :)


Bex :)

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Tiff. Randomly stalking your gallery on my bday, and I have to say, it's a birthday present in the fact that you've really grown into your style!! :wub: I especially love the added detail to the graphics, maintaining your classic simplistic style with added elegance (hope I'm not abusing the adjectives :rolleyes: ). Oh, and the animation caused me to grin like mad.


Annnnyyywaaays. Just thought I'd leave a message after the long time no seeee. Missing our golden days! (still staring at the graphics... :blush: )

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Hi there Tiffany! WOW your gallery is amazing!


I hate icons, too! Annoying cuts and never being sure what else to do... I always end up making siggies instead.


I love how great you are at blending... especially that Rachel Adams sig and all of your banners!


Can't wait to learn more from you~

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You've acknowledged that text is your weak point, and I can definately see that (sorry to be blunt) :P

My favourite banner of yours is probably the disarming charm, it seems to have the best flow, although I like the bubbly one as well.

I think i probably like them the best because they have the best vector lines (is that what they are called... you know the things that make you look at something first and then your eyes naturally move to another thing?)

In your sigs I love the hayden christensen one... the text really works here.

Overall i would say that you dont have a definite style.... but I guess everybody has that time where they just don't know what sort of graphics they want to make continously (did that make any sense? haha).

From the sigs I would remove the park haverly one, or just change the text on it. And possibly the no-one knows sig as well. The only issues I have with them is that their text doesn't suit.

From the banners I would probably remove the hope finding and from way up there.... I like the pigs might fly banner.


I really like your colouring and blending etc (they are all pretty much amazing), it's just text which seems to be your enemy. I hate text too, so just play around until it feels right I guess :)

Edited by Kate

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A need for critique? Really? *head slaps*


In all honesty, I can't believe how much you've improved over the past couple of months! You have no idea how glad I am you have a gallery :wub:

Best thing I've ever fought for ;)


You seem to be playing with text which is awesome. I love how you've also seem to have grown into your style.

My fav is the Disarming Charm banner, it's gorgeous!

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Hey Purple People Eater, Carla the Crazy Noodle from our
critique mafia here

for your quick, blunt and deadly critique. :joker:


I'm telling you now, you crazy. I love you but you crazy.xD


well, I have to tell you... I was just in this gallery a month or so ago (actually, I was here yesterday

but let's not count that). Anyway, I was just in this gallery about a month or so ago and I will tell

you that it floored me then. The elegant, breathtaking style, the old-school loveliness. Very admirable

The problem, though, is you've gotten much better and taken much more chances and started experimenting

more since then. So, to be frank and honest there's not much critique I can give you.


The main thing I can ask you is to keep on experimenting with your composition as you've been doing and

your text (which, right now, is one of your biggest strengths!). Your coloring is strong and steady so

I have no complains in that quarter.


I will, however ask you to try and make icons. Gah, I hate icons so I understand why you don't like them

but I guess as staffers we need to be more open to things that we hate and all that jazz. I know you can

do it! One doesn't need to be all crazy and wonky with them anyway. One can always start small (haha, terrible

pun I know!) and just cut and color until one gets more used to the idea of such a tiny canvas.


I know you can do it, lovah. <3 Don't bust my kneecaps, mmkay??





that first set btw... The coloring and composition are so very very win!


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i'm not one to normally respond to gallery critique (i feel like it's shameless bumping sometimes haha.) but thank you very much for the comments and critique. ^_^ i'm glad to see that you guys both like/dislike the things i'm making and encourage/discourage my style and habits.

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