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purple haze

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lately things just don't seem the same
acting funny, don't know why
excuse me while I kiss the sky

^this sums up my life^

Hi, I'm Val. 17. USA.

self-described tumblr addict, classic rock enthusiast, & sometimes-poet
CS5 since Dec '11, graphics since Aug '10

Listening to... under my thumb- the rolling stones
Obsessing over... lotr
Dreaming of... some sense of responsiblity

*I apologize for the overwhelming amount of merlin in advance*

the refuge of my one-picture laziness


for the record, i do have more than one font. i just really like this one.






sometimes they work. emphasis on the sometimes.



it's not me, it's you.



bigger and scarier than anything I can find under my bed.



circle the drain+ dying lights+

save the world+ it all ends+ let me go tonight+ lonely road+

adele icons+

3rd place in SwissMiss's Stromgrass stock challenge {entry}
1st place in Lady Malfoy's Opposites Challenge {entry}
2nd place in PINKhairedLOVER's mock request challenge {entry}
3rd place in Lbell's Oldies challenge {entry}
2nd place in Lady Malfoy's Make a banner challenge {entry}
2nd place in Bubblegum's forum set challenge {entry}
2nd place TIE in (sol)'s no duplicates in monochrome challenge {entry}
1st place in ledgerlover's Chain Reaction Challenge {entry}
3rd place TIE in &thenboom's bluebell chapter image Challenge {entry}
3rd place in the 84th Academy Awards challenge {entry}
3rd place TIE in the Your Favorite Comic Book Character challenge {entry}
2nd Place in the Merlin challenge {entry}

^pretty much died when I saw this!! Thanks so much!! :yahoo:
(gorgeous award by Mercury)

this was the most awesome thing to come back from vacation to! thanks! :)
(amazing award by Mercury)

I actually scared my sister when I started freaking out about this. THANK YOU! :laugh:
(fantastic award by Mercury)

:edward: I'm absolutely speechless. Thank you!
(adorable award by Mercury)

the lovely tutorials here at TDA
stormgrass on flickr
Em's stock and textures image pack
Noah Grey Photography
Violet's HP image pack
nuzzy's amazing image pack (credit list here+)
99 mockingbirds
Karen's image pack (credits list here+)
Karen's stock image pack volume 2 (credits list here+)
justonemorefic's doodle textures
Radiance @ left-unspoken.net
marney's hipster models
volume 3 of karen's stock image archive
topsy.turvy's huge harry potter image pack
ashley's hq merlin image pack

gallery title taken from purple haze by jimi hendrix.

Edited by accursed.
removed broken images

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first! :sean: finally!


:glomp: Val! You've got such a great gallery. I love your use of circles, and textures, and odd colorings no one else would use. Keep up the good work, and I look forward to seeing more from you!

Edited by (sol)

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second :)


your blends are freaking amazing! i'm so jealous right now :ph34r:

and your gallery is really amazing :D

i love the coloring you used in your icons and i really like your signatures :


i really really love your graphics :wub:



Edited by i wish i had an angel

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third is wonderful too! ^_^


heya VAL! :D


as you know, i adore your style! i think it really works for you and your graphics are so lovely!


the icons, banners, sigs, chappie image, blends, everything -- the colouring is just so unique and so WONDERFUL!

you know this already but i absolutely ADORE this sig! :wub:

& the composition of this blend is just so complex and unique and gahh, it all really works so well! :D


I LOVE YOUR STYLE. and i love your graphics!

so keep making more :D


- charlotte ^_^

Edited by nostalgia.

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omg. omg. your graphics are so pretty and soft! <3

I especially like your first banner. unfffffffffffffffffffffff <3

the invert, the circles, the text - everything!


p.s. I love that animated gif at the beginning of your gallery!

I am a lot like that too :laugh:

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(sol)- thank you very much, Kristy! I do love my circles :P


i wish i had an angel- thank you :blush: I've been trying to work on blends, so I'm thrilled you like them. :)


nostalgia- thank you Charlotte! and you and that sig, honestly it was just me being lazy, but thank you! haha <3


fatality- thanks! :) and I'm glad someone else relates to that gif. I just saw it and was like- I feel like that all the time. haha. :P

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Ahh! Prettiness! <3 I think your Harry sig is my favorite... if only because he actually has green eyes. XD


Lol, jk. I actually really love your blend. It's so... interesting. I just want to sit here and stare at it for an hour or two. (x [if only I had that kind of time]


Correction: I want to sit here an stare at the whole thing for an hour or two. Everything is so different and unique and crazy-awesome I can't get over it! :wub:


I wanna see more! So, I'm pretty sure I'll stalk your gallery check back every so often. (:



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JRose16- aw, thanks! :) it drives me INSANE that daniel radcliffe's eyes aren't green, so I try to make them green every chance I get. :) thanks for stopping by!

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Hi Val! you're incredible!! :drop: I mean....can I have this?(;


if you don't make a tutorial, I will be very mad :glaring:


ok no I won't, I lied. I just really wanted to use that emoticon :P


your really do have incredible stuff though. all your banners are spot on - even your vertical ones! I think those are much harder. I also love the simple complex that you incorporate into your images.


^perfect song choice


just really great stuff! I can't wait to see what else you come up with in the future!


Edited by Spring

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How have I not commented here before? I feel so bad, Val. Please don't hate me!

But you know I've always been a fan of your graphics. You pull off dark stuff so well in ways I wish I could!

I especially love +this signature and your first two banners (although I hate Katy Perry, haha).

Anyway, I have finally corrected my lack of gallery comment here! And we haven't talked in ages so I am going to your profile to say hello. You better still love meeeeee!


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@spring- thank you! you know, I don't think i've ever gotten to use that emoticon, so kudos to you! haha. I have considered making a tutorial for a couple of things, but we'll see if I ever get around to it. :P really, thank you! -val


@bestlies- haha, of course i don't hate you daryl! thank you so so so so much. :) <3 val

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