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The Dark Arts

Battle Idea Bank

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Battle Idea Bank

So you want to battle someone, but are lacking some round ideas? Feel free to work off any of these.
Also feel free to post below adding some other ideas to the bank :)

People Related
-- no [fe]males allowed
-- using only your favourite celebrity
-- awkward couples
-- cross-fic coupling (i.e. Harry Potter with Bella Swan)
-- no people allowed
-- can only use (insert actor/actress/model) here

Colouring Related
-- no colouring allowed
-- only monochrome
-- something must be in black & white
-- vibrant colouring
-- can only colour using gradients
-- can only use textures to colour

Graphic Type
-- vector
-- manipulation
-- vertical banner
-- chapter image
-- banner
-- blend
-- poster
-- album cover
-- header
-- icons

Inspiration Sources
-- music, lyrics, albums
-- actors, actresses, models, singers
-- other artists
-- painters (Picasso, Rembrandt, etc.)
-- tv shows
-- movies
-- quotes
-- books

-- use the ugliest font you have on your computer
-- use a specific font
-- use images only from stock exchange
-- make a graphic entirely out of pngs
-- can only use the same 10 images for all rounds
-- must do all graphics by bowing down to the person you are battling
-- can only use lyrics from (insert band/singer)
-- no stock/textures allowed
-- must feature animation
-- must use a certain stock/person/texture

Example Rounds

make a 700x110 banner using Ian Somerhalder as the only person --
in all rounds you must use Nina Dobrev somewhere on your graphic --
make a monochrome 500x200 signature --
using the ugliest fonts you have, create 10 text icons --
create a vector of your favourite model --
make a mash up manipulation of the two ugliest celebrities you know --
in all rounds you must use Taylor Swift lyrics as text --
use disney princesses as inspiration --
find 5 of your favourite challenge ever created on tda and complete them --
create a banner around your favourite show --
create a poster for an upcoming move --

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