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HI AND CONGRATS ON THE PROMO! :D I love the variation in your gallery, you clearly know how to use many different techniques and styles!

that 'uncensored' banner is definitely my favourite, it's so bright and shiny! :loves:

congrats again!

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Guest dehlles

Oh... wow.... :drop: :drop: :drop:



Lindsey... Lindsey, Lindsey, Lindsey. :ohmy:




Those icons though... :loves: Those banners... though.... Those signatures though... Like those everything in your gallery though!!!! :sean:




So amazing!!! Like really 'amazing is not even enough... :creepy: Like total epicness!!! XD



Okay, okay - well congrats on making grad hun!!! You're definitely deserve to be in the new blue! :D







- Asphodel

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catharsis. AAHHH DAISY STAHPPP NO YOU'RE AMAZING. akjsdhf god that dylan gif though. the best gift you could give me was a gif of Dylan approving my life choices because damn break me off a piece of that. BUT ALSO ILY THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR STOPPING BY YOUR STUFF IS SO GOOD I DON'T REALLY KNOW WHY YOU'RE JUNIOR AND I'M GRAD BUT OKAY :"D


envoi. heyy!!! laura, is it? thanks so much for stopping by!! ahh i love to hear that i'm good at different techniques...usually i try to vary it a little but i'm so glad you think so! come back soon! :D


azulive. hey alishya! STAHP you're too sweet, thank you so much for all the kind words you have to say :3 thank you so much for coming by to visit!


just.a.willow.tree. hey eva!! you're such a sweetheart coming back to say hi, i was so surprised to get promoted, but THANK YOU SO MUCH!!! :D

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omg wow you gallery is incredible!! those banners, and sigs, and, and, and everything omg

congrats on an amazingly well deserved promo, enjoy your new rank!! :edward:

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i'm sorry i'm so late!!!! i just wanted to say congrats on the promo this month :D i have been a fan of your graphics for a really long time so i'm ecited to see you were promoted :)

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& may i ask waht are you trying to do to me with this, this & this?!?!?!?!!?!!??!?!?!?!?!?!?!

are you trying to kill me with your perfection cAUSE YOURE DOIGN A GOOD JOB ON IT

i swear to god this isnt legal


ok but honestly tho, ur text kills me and ur colouring IS DA BOMB!!!!

those sigs and banners are really pretty, and my non-existent self esteem is now even more non existent


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posting late, i'm a terrible person ;__;


Marzipan. Thank you so much for stopping by!!! i was so touched to get a promotion :)


je t'aime. Awww! Wow! that's so nice to hear i have a fan ._. thank you so much for following me and for the nice comments, please stop by again soon!


royalgeek. HI ATIRAH!!! AW MAN YOUR COMMENTS ARE SO NIIIIICE D: YOU'RE SO SWEEET. feel free to keep the self-confidence boosters coming coooos i'm shameless <3 NO BUT seriously you're so sweet, thank you so much for stopping by!!!!

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Hi! I'm here from the critique thread... although I'm not in much of a place to give critique. Can I just say I absolutely love every single thing in here? My favourite piece is the Olivia Lestrange signature. I adore your style, your technique and your composition skills. All your animated pieces are super cool!


The banners that you did that join together are pretty amazing, too. And your colourizations. Everything is gorgeous!

What critique is there to give?


It took me about ten minutes to find something, but on the CI the larger character is a touch over sharpened. Or that might just be me...


Awesome gallery!



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hello hello! c:

firstly, super congratulations on the promo!!!

i'm in love with +this banner - the comp and coloring is beyond gorgeous *o* and the animation on your sigs is amaaaazing


eep ok so basically well done this is so well deserved :loves:

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lumos_knox. You are absolutely too sweet with your comments, and thank you so much for stopping by! All critique is appreciated (:


royalgeek. ATIRAHHH. THANK YOU FOR COMING BY AGAIN!!! oh my god. monsters inc. is like one of my favorite animated movies, how do you know me so well. Thank you so much for the nice words, ily!!! <3


Amaranth. Awww that is so sweet of you to say! Thank you so much for stopping by - I'm still floored!




just.a.willow.tree. Thank you Eva!!! you are such a fave of mine, I'm so glad you stopped by again to say congrats, it means a lot! <3


Elphie. Aw, thank you so much for the present!!!!!! that's so sweet of you!!! thank you so much, and thanks for stopping by :D


Sundrops. Thank you so much!!! I love me some House of Cards. thanks for stopping by!

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okay first order of business: CONGRATULATIONS ON STAFF!!!

i wish i could throw confetti in your face and blow your eardrums out with one of those party horn things LOL

i was on my phone when i looked at your gallery before and so the animations weren't really loading properly

and now that they have i'm so in love with the little fairy lights kind of animation, where the lights are all dancing

around like come on THAT IS SO PRETTY I DIE and also the way you've done the animation on the wolf signature

above it, i love how it looks like a double exposure photograph, that is too cool. i think signatures might be your

strong point (obviously they have to be, where logan lerman is concerned) but WOW all of your banners are flawless

as well. i really love the continuous base challenge ones as well, that must have been so difficult coming up with

a concept for that but man yours are so awesome. i think i talked about those before? but really it bears repeating.

the colorizations are really well done as well and i have no idea how you have the patience for those but AMAZING.

(oops i published this before it was ready. oops oh no pls hold)

okay well i don't even really have anything else to say though because your talents really leave me at a loss for words

and i am SO HAPPY that you made staff!!! you deserve it so much! (i do seriously mean that; i was reading back through

this and it almost sounded sarcastic and i truly mean it with all of my heart <3) amazing! wonderful! more adjectives!!!!!


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